Monday, May 2, 2011

Pentagram & Bedemon - Unholy Duo

My feature on Pentagram and Bedemon originally appeared in the November 2001 issue of Metal ManiacsIn lieu of recent Penta-mania, I've decided to scan and share. Many missed the opportunity to read it the first time around. Variant versions, some including lengthy Q&A interviews with drummer/guitarist/songwriter Geof O'Keefe, guitarist Randy Palmer (R.I.P.) and Bedemon bassist/guitarist Mike Matthews, appeared in Snakepit, Snap Pop! and Psychedelic. I later interviewed axeman Vincent McAllister (R.I.P.) and bassist Greg Mayne between 2004 and '06, although those have yet to be published. Rest assured, they'll see the light of day soon. As for Penta-mania, I'll address that in an entry on its own later.

In some variations of this piece I referred to the lyrics to the song "Virgin Death" (aka "Pentagram"). Back in the days (daze!) there were no printed lyrics available, so I misheard some words. The gist of that first verse is: "Send me home to bust my back / Strap you to your torture rack / Out all night you sleep all day / When we talk I've got no say / There's five black points all chalked up for you / Got five of my own, I hope they'll come through / I'm gonna take you to your virgin death--you're gonna get it." When the song was called "Pentagram" the last line was "My life's a Pentagram!"

Enjoy and please share with your heavy rock 'n' metal brothers and sisters! At the same time, this piece is copyrighted material, and I must remind you not to plagiarize. Don't reproduce for profit without obtaining my permission first and acknowledging the source.

Text © Copyright 2001 By Perry Grayson
Photos as credited below.

Photos courtesy of Randy Palmer and Mike Matthews above.

Photos on pgs. 3-6 by Cameron Davidson


garth_springer said...

The most extensive and unbiased review I have ever read about this incredible band...who tends to get it's fair share of crap from ex-members and press. Music should never be about the money, although we as musicians need to get paid for it, it can never be the main motivation. LEGENDS NEVER DIE !! ALL HAIL MR. LIEBLING FOR HE IS THE GODFATHER OF DOOM !!

P said...

Cheers, Garth. I don't know about "godfather" except in hindsight. Because Pentagram was practically unknown throughout the '70s. And only known to a small cult of devout worshipers in the 1990s when I became a fan. But, yeah, to me and other Penta freaks, Geof O'Keefe, Bobby L., Vincent McAllister, Greg Mayne, Randy Palmer, Joe Hasselvander, Victor Griffin and Marty Swaney are very important figures in heavy rock and doom.

Michel LeGrisbi said...

Thanks, I remember reading this around the time I was listening to the "Human Hurricane" cd, Gotta agree it's not just the Bobby Show. A lot of musicians deserve recognition.