Friday, May 6, 2011

FreeThought Interview RE: Chuck Schuldiner

On April 16th I was interviewed by Freethought Radio's Alex Fidel about Chuck Schuldiner, Death and Control Denied. We talked about my Metal Maniacs article ("Precious Memories of Chuck Schuldiner"), the state of heavy metal journalism (the demise of print mags) and the liner notes I recently wrote to the forthcoming deluxe reissue of Death's Individual Thought Patterns. You can download the entire FreeThought episode MP3 by clicking here. Past guests on FreeThought have included former Death manager and current President of Perseverance Holdings, Eric Greif (he overseas Chuck's intellectual property), Death/Control Denied drummer and all-around funny dude Richard Christy and Chuck's nephew, Chris Steele. Apologies in advance for all the "ums" and overall slowness of speech. The interview was done while I was fighting a head cold early on a Saturday morning. It was also before my daily dose of caffeine took effect.   


Me sporting an ITP shirt on stage with Destiny's End in Houston, TX, March '98

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