Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chuck Schuldiner - 45th Birthday Interview

A day after what would have been Chuck Schuldiner's 45th birthday (May 13th!), I was interviewed by Freethought Radio's Alex Fidel, as part of his celebration of all things Chuck, Death and Control Denied. We talked about my articles "Precious Memories of Chuck Schuldiner" and "Things Seemed So Eternal: 12 Years of Infernal Death," meeting up with Chuck, Death and Hammerfall in Dec. 1999 and the state of heavy metal on mainstream radio. You can download the entire Chuck Schuldiner 45th Birthday episode by clicking here. Or, you can cut to the chase, and download the short MP3 of my intie alone by right cicking here and selecting "save as."

Chuck Schuldiner - live at the Whisky in Hollywood, CA - 1/16/92

Sporting a Death - Symbolic logo shirt while opening for Mercyful Fate, Aug. 1999 

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